banatfarming - vision


Founded in 2006, the BanatFarming Group is active in three areas of operation:

  • Acquisition of arable land and consolidation
  • Conventional crop cultivation
  • Complementary agricultural services

Since the beginning of the 90ies, the fertile soils in
the Banat have been cultivated less and less.
The areas collectively cultivated in former years have
been reassigned to the previous owners of the land
in their small allotment-structure. Only few areas of
this land are being cultivated nowadays.
As a consequence, the region is characterized by
large areas of fallow land and non-recognizable

The challenge for us consists now in the identification
and labelling of the plots by using historical cadastre
maps and current aerial images. The team of the
BanatFarming Group obtains a comprehensive data
basis and excellent knowledge to identify and classify
these areas. Convenient economic cultivation units
are consolidated through acquisition, exchange and
leasing of land in order to facilitate professional and
economical cultivation of agricultural crops.

By applying up-to-date production technology and
modern machinery we produce high-quality
commodities. Throughout our work, we emphasize
on the complete traceability and exact control of our
measures and operational processes in the
production. Multiple crop rotations and conservation
tillage to reduce erosion are examples for our
sustainable use of the resources.

In addition to the cultivation of agricultural crops,
the BanatFarming Group is an expert in providing
agricultural services. Across the region, we possess
the logistical capacities and the network to carry
out reliable services such as harvesting, spreading
of lime / manure, mulching and others.
In direct vicinity to the Danube River and the lading
port Moldova Veche, we hold capacities for drying
and storing crops.