banatfarming - locations


The BanatFarming Group owns and operates 5,500 ha land on two different sites in the Banat region. The two
sites are located closed to the Danube River within the two administrational districts Timis and Caras Severin.

Oravita, Caras Severin

Closed to the Danube River on the site Oravita
with the surrounding municipalities Racasdia,
Gradinari/Greoni and Ticvaniu Mare/Ticvaniu Mic
are the core activities of the BanatFarming Group.
The administration and the head offices of three of
the four companies of the BanatFarming Group are
located centrally in the heart of Oravita.
Approximately 2/3 of the land is situated around the
agricultural farmstead next to the city of Oravita.

Jamu Mare, Timis

1/3 of the land is located in Jamu Mare and the
bordering village Gherman. The land is almost com-
pletely consolidated and well accessible.
This site is in 35 km distance from Oravita and 60 km
South of Timisoara closed to the Serbian border.