banatfarming - vision


Our objectives for a sustainable land use:

  • Improvement of the yield potential of the soils
  • Stabilisation of yields
  • Increasing the value of the consolidated areas

Due to its fertile soils, the Banat is an excess region
in times of adequate cultivation. Cereals, corn and
sunflowers are the main cultivated crops in the area
which is characterized by a continental climate with
an annual precipitation of 500-650 mm and a yearly
average temperature of 11°C.

As a result of the historical allocation of the land,
the average plot of arable land amounts to 0.5 – 2 ha,
depending on the local sub-district. Within the process
of land privatization, the structure of the small plots
has been retained. The BanatFarming Group has
obtained know-how and developed expertise in con-

solidating these small parcels to convenient economic
cultivation units through acquisition, exchange and
leasing of land.
The BanatFarming Group takes into cultivation former
fallow land. Apart from the regular sustainment
fertilization, the ph-value of the land is specifically
optimized and trace nutrients are additionally applied.

We produce high quality commodities and conserve
the natural resources in a sustainable manner.
We follow the principles of "best practices" without the
application of genetically modified organisms.