Animal husbandry

The entry into pig farming in 2015 and thus into the refinement of the grain produced was at the same time the entry into the integrated management of the company. Dependencies on external supply chains have been significantly reduced, production risks reduced and the company’s sustainability status significantly improved. The produced grain no longer has to be transported to processing regions over long distances, but is refined  into meat on site.

We keep pigs at three separate locations in the Oravita region: Two stables are designed for the production of piglets, and the fattening pigs are kept at the third location. The modern stables offer optimum animal welfare in terms of ventilation, feeding and husbandry. In all barn areas, the pigs are kept in accordance with the criteria of the national animal welfare program.. In addition to know-how and empathy for the animals, we keep a strict hygiene management and supply healthy, performance-based feed. By breeding and providing our own gilts, we avoid animal transport over long distances. Comprehensive hygiene management significantly reduces the use of medication and ensures high biological performance. Thanks to our own fleet of vehicles, animal transport can be carried out with the highest hygiene standards and without waiting times. We primarily market the piglets and fattening pigs locally in order to avoid long transport routes