About us

Our company

Farming has been practiced on the fertile lands of the Banat in northwestern Romania for many centuries.

In 2005 we decided to set up a future-oriented agricultural company in the Banat. We took over mostly fallow parcels and merged them into efficient management units. This consolidation requires our on-site team to have precise regional and cadastral knowledge. We have successfully established the consolidation process through acquisition, exchange and leasing and will continue to do so in the future.

With the help of modern resource-saving agricultural technology, we have put the fallow and underserved areas into sustainable agricultural use. Fertilization and management have redeveloped the existing yield potential of the soil. Diverse crop rotations and conservation tillage are cornerstones of our dealings with natural resources.

The cultivation of cereals and oilseeds is our arable focus. With advanced production processes, we create healthy products. Some of our grain is processed into high-quality feed in our own feed factory and used in our pig farming. Furthermore, the organic fertilizer from pig farming is applied to our own land in a way that protects the soil and reduces emissions – this is how we live the principle of a closed material cycle, an eco-friendly circular economy.

Our Team

The BanatFarming Group offers a variety of jobs in the entire agricultural sector – from tractor drivers and livestock farmers to specialists in grain trading and agricultural services.

We attach great importance to the training and further education of our employees. In close cooperation with the technical school in Voiteg, we have been a training company in the dual system for many years.